The Secret Song of Nintendo

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Almost everybody who has played a Nintendo system is familiar with the lovable little dinosaur Yoshi. Unless you hate him. Thanks Super Smash Bros.


Yoshi’s unmistakable voice is performed by Kazumi Totaka, who is also the voices of Pikmin! Now, Totaka isn’t known necessarily for these voices but more so for his work on soundtracks of over a dozen Nintendo games. Some games you will be most familiar with are Animal Crossing, Link’s Awakening, Wii Sports, Yoshi’s Story, Mario Paint, and of course Pikmin 2.

The Gameboy title with the name “X” was Totaka’s first project with Nintendo. In the clip below you will hear what has become known as Totaka’s Song:

This song has become an Easter Egg of sorts through the history of Nintendo’s games and most recently it has been found in Mario Kart 8. A Youtube user by the name of  Somewhat Awesome Games found it. Watch this video to experience the song in action yourself:

Not only do we see that his legacy of over 20 years has continued to blossom, but if we look at the character K.K. Slider in Animal Crossing, his Japanese name is Totakeke. Now for those of us unfamiliar with Japanese culture, the last name comes first, thus Totaka, Kazumi.

Now some articles and sources say that other soundtracks that Totaka has worked on haven’t been found on Super Smash Bros. Brawl or on Super Smash Bros. Wii U. This, however, may be incorrect because if you go to the Smashville stage or Town & City Stage at 8:00 PM on Saturdays you will find K. K. Slider singing in the same way that he does in the Animal Crossing games. As of now there is no evidence of this being the case, so this rumor has remained unproven.

Though Totaka’s song can be found in a myriad of games that he has worked on, they aren’t found in every one. The games Wave Race 64, Wii Music, Wii Sports, and a Japanese exclusive game by the name of Kenkou Ouen Recipe 1000: DS Kondate Zenshuu were all worked on by Totaka, however nobody has found his song hidden in the gameplay. Who knows where they might be, or if they are there at all! Only time will tell where his next song will turn up and, no doubt, Nintendo fans across the globe will be looking and listening for this infamous melody.

Just in case you’re curious what other games Totaka’s song are included in, here is a compilation video that includes all of the games up to date:

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