The Darkest Timeline

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You aren’t a true 90’s kid unless you watched Power Rangers growing up. Who couldn’t love teenagers morphing into colorful spandex to fight monsters and save the day? Especially when the MegaZord would come out to play. Everyone knows the MegaZord is awesome. Unless your parents didn’t let you watch it.

On a similar note, recently a video has gone viral on the web of a very dark and gritty Power Rangers “Deboot”with guns, violence, and all sorts of good stuff. Take a look yourself at the video below: (SFW version)

(That was dark)

Now some people love it, others hate it, as with everything in life, but it leaves us to question what if this short mini movie became a reality? Would it do the original rangers justice with it’s Nolan-esque feel? Or would it just become another wasted opportunity that’s never going to happen?

If we look back at the history of the Power Rangers they have gone through so many changes of characters (though the color scheme might stay the same sometimes) and the plot is practically rinse and repeat. Bad guy does something to threaten people, Power Rangers go in and beat him up, bad guy becomes super big, MegaZord arrives, bad guy dies in big explosion. All with terrible acting.

Did I say explosions?

More or less that is the the plot of every episode (with a little bit of story in there to move it along) but for us kids back in the day we didn’t really care. We just wanted to see fighting and big awesome robots. At least that’s what I cared about.

Coming from the director Joseph Kahn he stated that if he ever did make a full movie of Power/Rangers that he would only do it Rated R. Even if they gave him $200 million dollars he wouldn’t make it PG-13. So what about 201 million?

In a different opinion Jason David Frank (The original Green Ranger) Has something else to say entirely.

Now Jason David Frank makes some good points. He’s a PG-13 kinda guy all the way and here is why. The biggest problem he states is that both kids and adult still watch Power Rangers. The Super Megaforce and Power Rangers Dino Charge are still Nickelodeon and to try and make this separation doesn’t work. You shouldn’t be watching that kind of Power Rangers Movie with a child. He states that our “inner geeks” shout that it’s what we’ve been waiting for but Power Rangers is still a kids brand.

Kahn was aware that making something dark and gritty was cliché but that was why he went all out. He went way darker then one would usually consider, with brains, blood, violence, and sex. This was apparently partially to make fun other shows that people made “dark and gritty.” Say what you want but this definitely rides along the darkest timeline.

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