The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Review

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Let me first say this, I was very skeptical about playing this game, much less doing a review on it. However, I was thoroughly impressed.

This game is fantastic. It’s a very well polished title, and competes with various other AAA titles that came out within the last year. Its unique dungeon crawler is a breath of fresh air, pulling away from the action-adventure, FPS genre that many titles bear today. Every time you play, the map is randomly generated, so no two runs will ever be the same. Combat is pretty simple: Arrow keys to shoot in the four directions, (on an XBox 360 controller, shooting is with the right analog stick). Movement is fairly simple, W-A-S-D (left analog stick on controller). But simplicity stops there. Your game is influenced by 3 basic and vital elements of the game; Items, Consumables, and Rooms. Items change the way you play, whether it’s flight, lasers, more damage, or fire rate boosts. Each item synergies with the last, so your character becomes more and more powerful through every floor. These items change the game play to be either more fun, or more of a challenge. Consumables change which rooms can you go in, or which items you can buy or bet. And each room adds new enemies, new items, new pathways, and new challenges. Without spoiling much, this game is incredibly fun to play, and watch.




The more and more you play, the more and more characters and items are unlocked. These characters start off with different stats, items, and health to give each run a different experience.

With more unlockable characters, this gives you hours of fun

With more unlockable characters, this gives you hours of fun


This game is extremely fun, and without spoilers, this is all I can say. Granted, you can always watch someone play this game, and see how fun it is. Here is a link to a Let’s Play by Northernlion, and his 324 (and counting) episodes.

I give this game 9 Poops out of 10 (You’ll get it once you play it long enough).

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