The Amiibo Grind

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Ambiio are character figures that connect and interact with compatible games by holding the figurine over the Wii U remote.  With the new Super Smash Bros game including an infinite amount of collectibles, and having an awful random drop system, item grinding (performing a tedious task for the purpose of completing a bigger goal) can be a pain. There are over 550 custom moves (48 characters not including Mii’s and Palutena and 12 unlockables per character), as well as highly desired abilities such as Smooth Lander, to make new game modes, beat the single player modes, or just have ridiculous times with friends. That is a lot of grinding. So, I’m here to tell you there’s an easier way.

If you are an avid collector of amiibo, you’re in luck. These new Nintendo figures are the most important part of this method of grinding. You see, amiibo collect items for you in battle. These range from trophies, custom parts, coins, and even custom moves, hats, and outfits. The number of items collected varies based upon time alive and in a match. So, you can have your amiibo fight each other to use their collection mechanic to farm items, AFK! And there is nothing better than AFK. Let’s get started looking at the methods.

First off, and most importantly, to get items, you must not end the battle early.This means infinite time will not work, and you do not want to create a situation where a match cannot end. So stay away from the Special Flag, please!  Try to have as many amiibo as possible to make the process more efficient. Ideally you would have 8 amiibo for 8 Player Smash, but you could use just one if you need to. The next focus is time. As I mentioned earlier, drops are based on the duration of the match, and how long the amiibo lived. An amiibo dying in a stock match will now continue getting items.

The ways you can extend the match really depend on you. If you’re going to bed, it would be best to do a stock match, with the damage ratio down to .5x on a large stage, or with healing items on. (I do not recommend both, I got stuck with a match lasting 8 hours, with 2 amiibo left and 71 stocks remaining on a particularly campy amiibo.) These can last a long time, allowing you to go to sleep, school, or work, while your robots get items. However, any amount of time may be used, and with timed matches, you can set the time spent in stone, rather than let your AI’s dictate it. So if you want a few quick matches before you have to go somewhere, give it a try. The highest setting without being infinite is 99 minutes. Note that amiibo can only hold a certain amount of drops, 99 minutes might not reach the cap, while 99 stocks may exceed it.

The last thing to recognize is that even at level 50, amiibo will change behaviors. Be aware that 8 player matches could make amiibo rely on dodging or other tactics that you didn’t teach it, so be careful.  Play around with other options as you like. Try setting items on high with a 2.0x damage multiplayer for an entertaining watch as well as getting items as a bonus. It’s all about your own preference. But in any case, have fun grinding, getting all the items you can, and filling out the challenge board.

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