Star Wars: Battlefront

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Ever since it’s original debut on the Xbox and PS2, Star Wars Battlefront has been a prime game. The viewer takes the perspective of a soldier and engages in a battle within the Star Wars realm, allowing you to die and respawn as if nothing happened, a unique feature. We have just found out that we will be having the pleasure of playing the 3rd installment of Star Wars Battlefront soon on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Let’s take a look at what it has to offer.

Star Wars Battlefront’s main feature aptly named “Battlefront” will have intense shoot-outs between 8 to 40 players siding with The Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire forces. In the 2 minute trailer we get to see these forces go head to head on Endor. There are speeder bikes, AT-ST’s, AT-AT’s, (STD’s?) Y-Wings, and a Gungnan laser absorption device. Not to mention glimpses of other worlds and villains seen throughout the video. You know what? Why should I bother explaining this? Watch it right here.

Fantastic right? They really seem to have captured the vehicles and characters from the movies well. The reason for this? DICE has had unimpeded access to the archive which contains all Star Wars models. Using a technique called Photogrammery they were able to digitally assemble copies from the original pieces and use them in-game, rather than just making replicas that look similar but aren’t authentic.

While there may not be a “Campaign” mode of any kind there will still be content for the offline fans in a series of different missions that pull inspiration from the canon films and, surprisingly to some, the ability to play co-op split screen locally or online. One feature that brings playing co-op to an even closer relationship is the option of creating a tag-team with another player. In doing this you spawn together, and can share the vehicles or abilities you’ve unlocked with each other, and if someone is lagging behind for some reason or another this feature helps you stay together.

Probably one of the most welcome additions is the ability to be able to customize your character with gear, weapons, and abilities, as well as being able to change between first person and third person view on the fly. Through an unrevealed system, which DICE isn’t yet willing to share, is a way for players to find power-ups while navigating and discovering the world allowing access to specific vehicles, abilities, heroes, or even villains that you can then roam the battlefield with.


One of the biggest changes is the fact that there are no longer space battles available. According to DICE they are still bringing the dogfights to the players, but are keeping them on the planet. To be fair, in Battlefront II space battles became almost pointless and easy. All you had to do was fly into the dock of the opposing ship and, as long as you had a good trigger finger, make it in unscathed and destroy the ship from the inside in a matter of minutes. Wash, rinse, and repeat on every space mission after. One of the issues discussed was how the dogfights and the ground battles will affect one another positively, negatively, or even at all, as well as how the battle will be affected over it’s duration.

If you pre-order Star Wars Battlefront you will get a DLC of The Battle of Jakku early on December 1. This DLC is the only way you can experience this battle in the location of the downed starship ship in the sand in the Episode VII trailer. If you don’t pre-order it will be available December 8th. With this, DLC Battlefront will be released on November 17th in anticipation for The Force Awakens debuting on December 18th linking the previous movies to the new trilogy. If you haven’t seen the second trailer yet take a look!

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