Spider-Gwen: The-Not-As-Dead-As-Everyone-Thought-She-Was Super Heroine

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Spider-Man has always been one of my favorite super heroes if not THE favorite of all time. I grew up with him as a kid and always loved the snark he threw at his enemies, just to make them more pissed off that he was ruining their plans. In recent news we have a new addition to the Spider-Verse and it’s an unexpected but very welcome twist: Spider-Gwen.


Now this isn’t her actual superhero name because that would be kind of silly. However for the fans sake it fits quite nicely. Spider-Gwen is an alternate universe Spider-Woman. She is on Earth-65 (the regular Marvel Universe is on Earth-616) and in this reality Gwen Stacy was bitten by a radioactive spider and not Peter Parker. She was a fan favorite in a recent Spider-Verse crossover before she was even introduced in the comics, the writers have been showing her off all over the web.


(All puns intended)

When it comes to superheroes they rarely stay dead. However, when it comes to characters without abilities they don’t have much choice in the matter most of the time. In multiple Spider-Verses Gwen Stacy has died in almost all of them, whether by Carnage, Green Goblin or some other baddie.

To share some light on her backstory she is the drummer of a band called “The Mary Janes” led by you guessed it, Mary Jane. They make all sorts of references to Peter Parker and Mary Janes relationship in the other realities. As in the original series Gwen Stacy still has a cop father and deals with a lot of the same issues Peter Parker has, having no money, getting crapped on by the media and an unappreciative public when things matter most. On the plus side she still cracks jokes at the bad guys. That’s all I really need.


What is probably the most satisfying and unique twist is that in this universe Peter Parker is the one who dies and not Stacy. (I would certainly hope so) Peter Parker dies in her arms after experimenting on himself to become The Lizard because he wanted to have special abilities like her.

All in all things are looking up for this new web-slinger with familiar characters rearranged for new roles, a new Spidey suit, and another version of Spider-Verse goodness for us to love.

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