Nintendo’s Scalping Problem

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With the advent of amiibo, Nintendo’s amount of collectible products has skyrocketed. Everyone wants to collect their favorite characters from Super Smash Brothers 4. The problem lies with the amount of characters. With the roster in Smash 4 being so huge, there are dozens of amiibo to collect, but not enough shelf space, and an uneven demand on different characters.


Nintendo decided to make amiibo based on how popular they think each character will be. This left characters like Marth, Wii Fit Trainer, and Villager, severely short-printed. The demand for these amiibo is far higher than Nintendo’s supply, and prices for these three exploded. An opportunity was opened for a new kind of market.

Scalpers have ruined the chances for normal gamers or collectors to buy their coveted characters. The idea behind scalping is to buy out a large portion of the supply, and resell it at double or triple the price. Thanks to Nintendo’s products and poor decision making, this kind of practice is thriving.

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What once was mainly reselling amiibo and Gamecube Adapters has spread into other areas. With the announcement of the limited edition Majora’s Mask “new” 3DS XL, scalpers broke away from just the Smash and amiibo franchise, and are now effecting the 3DS system. Within hours of release, all of the preorders were out, and several were even canceled due to overselling. On top of it, the “new” 3DS XL does not come with a charger, giving the scalpers yet another opportunity to buy out chargers and drive up the prices.

            These valued items are reselling at a high rate, yet Nintendo seems to be doing nothing to help, which is where the problem lies. I love the games and ideas from Nintendo, but in practice they’re doing a poor job anticipating the supply and demand. Nintendo needs to reevaluate their sales techniques. If they could keep up with demand, scalpers would have little to no profit margin, and Nintendo would make more in sales.

Unfortunately, at this rate, it seems like the big N is not too focused on these problems. Good luck with getting this shiny gold “new”  3DS’s and Rosalina amiibo, because it looks like they’re done being made.UPWu9Hs43URr1uIPCpbUMegdXYIa0FkS

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