New Smash Fighters, Leaked!

by / 0 Comments / 78 View / April 18, 2015

With the release of Mewtwo, and update 1.0.6, hackers promptly began digging into the files of Smash 3DS to see what has changed. To the surprise of many, they found new victory themes. These themes belonged to Mewtwo and Lucas (nothing new here), as well as two others, Ryu and Roy. Roy contained the familiar Fire Emblem theme, pointing towards the return of the Melee veteran. Ryu, is more of a surprise. It should be fairly obvious who this is, but in case there was any question, the music sounded similar to Street Fighter, a game by Capcom, also known for Megaman. Capcom has been heavily involved in the creation of Smash 4, adding credibility to the idea of Ryu’s addition. Another credible source confirmed these finds the next day, so it seems these files really do exist.


Both of these fighters are very popular, Ryu being a classic amount fighting game players, as well as Roy (our boy), having a huge following among Smash players for his appearance in Melee. So when will we hear about these fighters officially? Well, for one, Sakurai is attending a Fire Emblem concert July 25th, which could be perfect for Roy’s announcement. As for Ryu, EVO, the biggest fighting game tournament series, would make the most sense, with E3 being another logical choice. So what do you think of these fighters joining the game? Let us know, and stay nerdy, my friends!


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