Nerd Hero Plays: The Order 1886

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Hello and welcome to Nerd Hero Plays! Today’s stream: The Order 1886. A game filled with Half-breeds, tesla weapons, and mustaches (oh my!). The Order 1886 is set in a reimagining of Victorian-Era London where a group of soldiers, called The Order of Knights, must protect and fight using advanced weaponry against the ancient threat of the Half-breeds.

Hundreds of years before the game takes place, the genetics of certain humans have regressed so drastically that they become genetically altered “Half-breeds”. When war breaks out between the humans and the Half-breeds an alliance called The Order is formed through the Knights of The Round Table to defend humanity and to protect their dark secrets. Through the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, The Order are now equipped with powerful new technology to face the ancient threat, including tesla weapons and a mysterious liquid called Blackwater that allows the knights to heal their wounds and expand their lifespans. In an alternate history, players take on the role of Sir Galahad, an elite member of The Order of Knights who must maintain peace against the Half-breeds and the rebellion that has declared war on The Order and the oppression that they represent.

Tune in here at 3:00 PM (EST) to watch Nerd Hero Plays: The Order 1886 on Twitch.

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