He Lived Long, and Prospered.

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Today we mourn the passing of a legend, Leonard Nimoy.



According to an article from The New York Times: “His wife, Susan Bay Nimoy, confirmed his death, saying the cause was end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.” This was suggested to be caused by an old habit of smoking, which he gave up over thirty years ago.

As a man engrossed by one of the largest fandoms, he took pride in his work as Spock and continued his role up to the 2013 Star Trek Into Darkness. But he didn’t stop there. Nimoy was a true artist and varied his work to follow his passion, including photography.



His iconic role led Nimoy to guest star in series such as The Simpsons and Fringe, while his deep unique voice gave life to games such as Kingdom Hearts’ character Master Xehanort, the narrator for Civilizations IV, and Atlantis: The Lost Empire’s Atlantean King.

There will be no replacing Nimoy, just as there is no way to replace the recent losses of Lauren Bacall or Robin Williams. Instead, we can only celebrate the gifts that they have left us with. Spock is one such gift. One that we will continue to cherish, and perhaps even worship.

I can only hope that Sheldon stored that napkin somewhere quite safe, because I wouldn’t mind a second Leonard Nimoy around, even if we have lost Spock Prime. Leonard-Nimoy-s-Autograph-jim-parsons-27536946-558-642

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