Ditto Hunting For X & Y and ORAS

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dittohug@2xSo you’re getting into breeding and not only need perfect IV Dittos but also all their natures? Well unless you know what your in for it’s going to take quite awhile without an inkling of knowledge on what you’re doing. Good thing some of us are obsessed with breeding.  This also includes finding shiny Imposter Dittos in Friend safaris. Not to mention Ditto is my favorite Pokémon, I mean they just want to give you a hug!

Pokémon X and Y

Step 1:

Get a Smeargle that was talked about in the “Completing the Dex” entry, preferably a high level.

Step 2:

For Perfect IV’s and Imposter Dittos a Normal Friend Safari is necessary to obtain these.

For all natures of Dittos you need to go to the Pokémon Sanctuary and chain Dittos not only to get every nature but also potential perfect IV’s, 30 IV dittos (For Hidden Power breeding) and 0 IV Dittos (Speed) for potential Trick Room Pokémon.


Step 3:

Once you have either entered a Normal Friend Safari or began to chain Dittos in the Pokémon Sanctuary if using the Smeargle that was mentioned first Spore the wild Pokémon then use False Swipe. (This is to avoid being put to sleep yourself) and then lead with False Swipe.

Or an alternative Two-Move-Smeargle (lead with a Quick Ball) with max Attack and Speed but only knows False Swipe and Spore and is holding Safety Goggles. In doing this you can guarantee your Smeargle will not faint and can’t be put to sleep because of Safety Goggles.

Another alternative duo to use is a Bibarel with Fighting and Normal-type moves and an Aegislash with False Swipe. Leading with Bibarel the Ditto will Transform into it and then switching to Aegislash allows for an easy False Swipe. I caught a majority of my Dittos this way.

Step 4:

Catch your ditto! The most effective balls to use for this are a Dusk Ball (at night), a Quick Ball on first turn, or a Repeat Ball. Following through with these steps will give you a collection of Dittos in the most efficient way possible.

Pokémon ORAS

Step 1: 

Obtain either Smeargle talked about earlier.

Step 2:

With the DexNav in ORAS catching and chaining Dittos will be 10x easier and you won’t have to have a friend with a Ditto Safari! The downside is that Ditto are only found on Mirage Islands so you might have to get lucky. Keep in mind in the beginning the wild Dittos won’t have the best stats. The more you run into Dittos the greater chances you will have at finding these which are indicated by the stars on the DexNav.

Step 3:

Lead with Two-Move-Smeargle (Again lead with a Quick Ball) or a high level Pokémon that knows terrible moves or Fighting and Normal-Type moves if you are switching to the Aegislash. Maybe a high level Magikarp? LAWLS.

Step 4:

Same as previous step 4.

Thanks for reading and good luck breeding!

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