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Star Wars: Battlefront

Ever since it’s original debut on the Xbox and PS2, Star Wars Battlefront has been a prime game. The viewer takes the perspective of a soldier and engages in a battle within the Star Wars realm, allowing you to die…

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Superman (photo credit: unknown)

The Makings of Heroes

So, you’re walking down the street one day, and it’s the worst day of your life.  Everything is falling apart. You’ve never had to go through anything like this before and it’s just. So. Hard. Then some joe who’s trying…

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Supernatural VegasCon

Two of your Nerd Hero writers took a five day excursion to Las Vegas to experience a Supernatural convention. It started out with a dozen perfectly sculpted men on stage taking off all their clothes. Actually, that was the Chippendale show…

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Live Steel: Longsword Fighting

Ancient fighting practices are being revived. You thought we left it all behind with modern technology and the invention of the musket? Turns out some people wouldn’t stand for that. Enter the world of longsword fighting. Its distinction is its…

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He Lived Long, and Prospered.

Today we mourn the passing of a legend, Leonard Nimoy.   According to an article from The New York Times: “His wife, Susan Bay Nimoy, confirmed his death, saying the cause was end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.” This was suggested to be caused…

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Living in the Current Middle Ages

Have you ever had a deep desire to shoot arrows, fight in armor like knights of old, dress in ancient garb, or learn to embroider? Would you like to throw knives, cast pewter, learn calligraphy, work with leather and metal,…

1 Comment / 94 View / February 20, 2015

4 Cartoons Aimed at Kids that are Clearly for Adults Too

4 Shows Aimed at Kids that are Clearly More for Adults

Cartoons are at least nominally the domain of children, disregarding shows like Archer and everything on Adult Swim. But animators and writers are increasingly savvy to their adult audiences, and, are working to ensure grown-ups take genuine enjoyment from shows…

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8 Books to Read if You're Tired of Formulaic YA Fiction

8 Books to Read if You’re Tired of Formulaic YA Fiction

YA fiction has always been my favorite genre, from before I could sound out the words to an adulthood spent creepily loitering in the YA racks of the library. YA fiction is brave. It has been occasionally dismissed as unserious…

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How to Stay Fit in a Nerdy Lifestyle

Fit… nerd? Do they really exist? Why yes. Yes they do. The nerdy/geeky lifestyle supposedly doesn’t bode well for fitness. For years there’s been the stigma that nerds have horrible hygiene, various medical conditions, and poor eyesight. Frak off stereotypes-…

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Dungeons and Dragons

“The Sky King requests for you to leave your weapons with his guards while in his presence.” “I bring my +4 greatsword anyway.” “If you anger the Sky King, he’ll have his dragon attack you.” “Well then it’s a good…

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