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Gaming Headsets are Dead: The Buy Guide for Gaming Audio

For most people, audio in games cannot be sacrificed and overlooked. Wearing either a pair of headphones, ear buds, or a gaming headset is a typical necessity. This buy guide is here to give you more opportunities for gaming audio other than the…

1 Comment / 352 View / April 15, 2015

Mars One

100 Finalists Vie for Right to Die on Mars

The first manned mission to Mars, slotted for 2024, is garnering funding by treating the selection process, training, and lives of its astronauts like a reality TV show. Mars One is a privately-owned, not for profit space program, and it…

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Last Week in The Nerd Realm Feb. 22 – 28

In case you missed something in the realm of the nerds, we will touch in on what happened last week. Science: Last week scientists discovered a supermassive black hole that is 12 times bigger than our sun. TV Shows: On Youtube to…

0 Comments / 43 View / March 3, 2015


The Secrets Inside Walls

You ever wonder what it would be like to put USB drives inside of brick walls? No? Well a man by the name of Aram Bartholl and a company EYEBEAM have created several of these around New York City. These…

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A Shoe In for the Future

It’s 2015 do you know what that means? It means Marty McFly is here! Or at least he will be sometime in October. So where are the hoverboards and hover cars? Well apparently not here, but MOTHER F*@&ING POWER LACES…

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A New Direction in Mobile Phones

Project Ara: A Potential Success or A Pipe Dream? What is Project Ara? Well let me tell you. The idea is to have an Android phone that will allow you to switch out individual parts to either upgrade or remove…

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