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It Starts With a Little Weirdness.

Every creation in the realm of nerdom started with a single crazy idea. Right? I mean, how many eureka moments started percolating in the average Joe Shmoe’s head while he was brushing his teeth one morning? And I imagine more…

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Nerd Hero Web Comic #1

  Welcome to our very first comic! Including Nerd Hero Fighter, Mysterious Sorcerer, Sea Monster, and IDIO-T. Oh there’s also a baby kraken for some reason. Join these heroes in their ultimate quest to find: The Ultimate Blog Post. In…

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The Woes and Wonders of Katsucon 2015

Be forewarned my voracious reader, I am not a vast anime fan, nor am I a regular cosplayer. I am, however, a dorky nerd, which usually gets me by in any geeky situation.  Katsucon, for those who don’t know, is…

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Living in the Current Middle Ages

Have you ever had a deep desire to shoot arrows, fight in armor like knights of old, dress in ancient garb, or learn to embroider? Would you like to throw knives, cast pewter, learn calligraphy, work with leather and metal,…

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The Secrets Inside Walls

You ever wonder what it would be like to put USB drives inside of brick walls? No? Well a man by the name of Aram Bartholl and a company EYEBEAM have created several of these around New York City. These…

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Ghost (of Whitewashing) in the Shell

The long-awaited live-action adaption of the iconic 1995 animated Ghost in the Shell is at last in the works, with a release date set at April 14, 2017. Fans of the beloved anime and manga franchise have long clamored for…

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Ghostbusters 3: All Women, All Great, All the Misogynists Ever

Though the news is old now, it only took hours for the Internet to implode following the announcement of the female-led Ghostbusters 3. For 25 years, rumors of a third sequel to the much-beloved franchise were variably squashed and nurtured,…

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8 Books to Read if You're Tired of Formulaic YA Fiction

8 Books to Read if You’re Tired of Formulaic YA Fiction

YA fiction has always been my favorite genre, from before I could sound out the words to an adulthood spent creepily loitering in the YA racks of the library. YA fiction is brave. It has been occasionally dismissed as unserious…

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12 Hole Ocarina Sheet Music: New Bark Town – Pokémon G/S/C

I was looking and looking and clicking and clicking even more: trying to find the sheet music for New Bark town. Having no luck I made my own and this was the result. Hope it helps fellow ocarina players! It’s…

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How to Stay Fit in a Nerdy Lifestyle

Fit… nerd? Do they really exist? Why yes. Yes they do. The nerdy/geeky lifestyle supposedly doesn’t bode well for fitness. For years there’s been the stigma that nerds have horrible hygiene, various medical conditions, and poor eyesight. Frak off stereotypes-…

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