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Pushing Children into Traffic

How to Critique Authors and Artists by Jenna Van Vleet Have you ever seen a harsh comment, posted on an online forum, that makes you wince? Maybe it is for a movie, a song, a book, or a piece of…

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The Dresden Files – A Ghost Story: A Review

BEWARE: SPOILERS BE AHEAD (Though only minor ones to help the review.) At the end of “Changes”, the 12th book in the Dresden File,s Harry Dresden was shot by a sniper and had fallen into the water near the boat…

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Who is Your Favorite Doctor?

For decades, nerds have been plagued with a seemingly simple question. A question whose answer haunts us late into the night when insomnia has taken hold.   Who is your favorite Doctor? In my experience this causes one of two…

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What we’re looking forward to in Season 5 of Game of Thrones

Why do we love Game of Thrones? What keeps us on the edge of our seats during every episode? Is it the depth of the characters or the gripping plot twists? Perhaps its the settings, the costumes, the realistic battles, and…

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