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Adventures in the Emerald City

The Emerald City brings to mind a magical world of flying monkeys and ruby slippers, but add Comic Con to the end and you have a whole new view with Stan Lee’s creations, and actors galore.   ECCC, as is it…

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Samwise and Frodo

Don’t Be A Frodo

The first time I read Lord of the Rings was the first time I cried during a book. I still cry when I watch the films, and my heart’s desire in this world is to live in a hobbit hole….

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8 Books to Read if You're Tired of Formulaic YA Fiction

8 Books to Read if You’re Tired of Formulaic YA Fiction

YA fiction has always been my favorite genre, from before I could sound out the words to an adulthood spent creepily loitering in the YA racks of the library. YA fiction is brave. It has been occasionally dismissed as unserious…

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Pushing Children into Traffic

How to Critique Authors and Artists by Jenna Van Vleet Have you ever seen a harsh comment, posted on an online forum, that makes you wince? Maybe it is for a movie, a song, a book, or a piece of…

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The Dresden Files – A Ghost Story: A Review

BEWARE: SPOILERS BE AHEAD (Though only minor ones to help the review.) At the end of “Changes”, the 12th book in the Dresden File,s Harry Dresden was shot by a sniper and had fallen into the water near the boat…

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