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Anyone can make a game: Here’s how!

Long past are the days of giant computers and the need for a degree in engineering from MIT to make a game. The 21st century has brought along a multitude of different ways that we can create. There are game…

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Why We Game

Have you ever thought about why you play games? What is it that drives us to spend thousands on consoles, board games, DLC, subscriptions, or collectors edition items? Throughout time games have always held a large part of our society….

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12 Hole Ocarina Sheet Music: New Bark Town – Pokémon G/S/C

I was looking and looking and clicking and clicking even more: trying to find the sheet music for New Bark town. Having no luck I made my own and this was the result. Hope it helps fellow ocarina players! It’s…

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Dungeons and Dragons

“The Sky King requests for you to leave your weapons with his guards while in his presence.” “I bring my +4 greatsword anyway.” “If you anger the Sky King, he’ll have his dragon attack you.” “Well then it’s a good…

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The Secret Song of Nintendo

Almost everybody who has played a Nintendo system is familiar with the lovable little dinosaur Yoshi. Unless you hate him. Thanks Super Smash Bros. Yoshi’s unmistakable voice is performed by Kazumi Totaka, who is also the voices of Pikmin! Now, Totaka…

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