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The Amiibo Grind

Ambiio are character figures that connect and interact with compatible games by holding the figurine over the Wii U remote.  With the new Super Smash Bros game including an infinite amount of collectibles, and having an awful random drop system,…

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Unlocking the Smash in Super Smash Bros 4

Whenever we all play Super Smash Bros. our first goal is to unlock all the characters as fast as we can so we can beat the crap out of each other with our favorites. What I have here is a…

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Completing the Dex for Pokémon X and Y

Completing Your Pokédex Hello! So you’ve decided you want to complete your Pokédex but it’s already Generation VI how will I ever accomplish this? Well that’s what I’m hear to tell you. For the second time I’ve been in the…

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Ditto Hunting For X & Y and ORAS

So you’re getting into breeding and not only need perfect IV Dittos but also all their natures? Well unless you know what your in for it’s going to take quite awhile without an inkling of knowledge on what you’re doing….

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Battle Maison Singles

After searching out for recommendations to beat Single Battles in the Battle Maison I’ve found one that I’ve been successful with. Kangaskhan @ Kangaskhanite Ability: Scrappy EV’s: 4HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe Nature Adamant (+Atk, – SpA) -…

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Collecting In-Game Items for Pokémon X and Y

So maybe you’ve used your one in-game Metal Coat and need more to complete your Dex or need more Scizors to trade on the GTS? Well fear not we have a great way to farm for items as quickly and…

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10 Tips and Tricks for Pokémon X and Y

1. Ghost-Type Pokémon are always capable to switch out of battle, and cannot be trapped in battle by the effects of moves such as Mean Look and Fire Spin, or abilities like Shadow Tag. 2.  In Pokémon Amie there are…

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