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Yooka-Laylee Raises Over £1 Million in 24 Hours on Kickstarter

Last month Playtonic Games, the studio behind the mysterious Project Ukulele, held a presentation at UK gaming event EGX Rezzed. Titled “Playtonic: Rebirth of the 3D Platformer,” the presentation discussed the ways the team of ex-Rare employees will be revitalizing…

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New Smash Fighters, Leaked!

With the release of Mewtwo, and update 1.0.6, hackers promptly began digging into the files of Smash 3DS to see what has changed. To the surprise of many, they found new victory themes. These themes belonged to Mewtwo and Lucas…

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Star Wars: Battlefront

Ever since it’s original debut on the Xbox and PS2, Star Wars Battlefront has been a prime game. The viewer takes the perspective of a soldier and engages in a battle within the Star Wars realm, allowing you to die…

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The Non-Game Music of Video Game Composers

Composers are the unsung heroes of the video game industry. With graphics and gameplay setting the foundation, the iconic tunes these artists create are what ultimately breathe life into a truly great game. Video game composers can complete a game’s…

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Everything About Hiveswap, the Homestuck Kickstarter Game

Video game Kickstarter campaigns have had a lot of success over the last few years, helping to bring the visions of smaller studios to fruition. The runaway success of Tim Schafer and Double Fine Production’s Broken Age and the continued…

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Live Steel: Longsword Fighting

Ancient fighting practices are being revived. You thought we left it all behind with modern technology and the invention of the musket? Turns out some people wouldn’t stand for that. Enter the world of longsword fighting. Its distinction is its…

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Last Week in The Nerd Realm Feb. 22 – 28

In case you missed something in the realm of the nerds, we will touch in on what happened last week. Science: Last week scientists discovered a supermassive black hole that is 12 times bigger than our sun. TV Shows: On Youtube to…

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The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Review

Let me first say this, I was very skeptical about playing this game, much less doing a review on it. However, I was thoroughly impressed. This game is fantastic. It’s a very well polished title, and competes with various other…

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Nintendo’s Scalping Problem

With the advent of amiibo, Nintendo’s amount of collectible products has skyrocketed. Everyone wants to collect their favorite characters from Super Smash Brothers 4. The problem lies with the amount of characters. With the roster in Smash 4 being so…

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The Amiibo Grind

Ambiio are character figures that connect and interact with compatible games by holding the figurine over the Wii U remote.  With the new Super Smash Bros game including an infinite amount of collectibles, and having an awful random drop system,…

1 Comment / 102 View / February 27, 2015