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Hey Nerds! My name is Matt (tag is User52), I’ve been a gamer ever since I was young, starting off with a simple Sega Genesis and Sonic 2. I really got into gaming with the PS2 and Wii though, wanting to dominate all the 6th graders in school in Super Smash Brothers Brawl. Since then, I’ve played many games, from Minecraft, to Call of Duty, to Pokemon. I love having an extensive knowledge of the games I play, even if I’m not the best. My goal here in NerdHero is to inform people of the deeper side of games like Smash 4 and Pokemon, including articles, live streams, and YouTube videos. I hope you enjoy!


New Smash Fighters, Leaked!

With the release of Mewtwo, and update 1.0.6, hackers promptly began digging into the files of Smash 3DS to see what has changed. To the surprise of many, they found new victory themes. These themes belonged to Mewtwo and Lucas…

0 Comments / 72 View / April 18, 2015 /


Nintendo’s Scalping Problem

With the advent of amiibo, Nintendo’s amount of collectible products has skyrocketed. Everyone wants to collect their favorite characters from Super Smash Brothers 4. The problem lies with the amount of characters. With the roster in Smash 4 being so…

0 Comments / 99 View / March 2, 2015


The Amiibo Grind

Ambiio are character figures that connect and interact with compatible games by holding the figurine over the Wii U remote.  With the new Super Smash Bros game including an infinite amount of collectibles, and having an awful random drop system,…

1 Comment / 102 View / February 27, 2015