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Hello! My name is RODNEY LLOYD. As was previously mentioned I am BLOGGER at Nerd Hero. I have a number of IRONS in the FIRE. I have a variety of INTERESTS. I have a passion for VIDEO GAMES and write for sites like Zelda Informer. I like to edit videos but I am NOT VERY GOOD AT IT. I have a fondness for FILM, MUSIC, and WEBCOMICS, and am an aspiring JOURNALIST. I also like to play GAMES sometimes with my friends and release them on YouTube. We're called the CYNICTEAM. What will I do?


Yooka-Laylee Raises Over £1 Million in 24 Hours on Kickstarter

Last month Playtonic Games, the studio behind the mysterious Project Ukulele, held a presentation at UK gaming event EGX Rezzed. Titled “Playtonic: Rebirth of the 3D Platformer,” the presentation discussed the ways the team of ex-Rare employees will be revitalizing…

0 Comments / 115 View / May 4, 2015


The Non-Game Music of Video Game Composers

Composers are the unsung heroes of the video game industry. With graphics and gameplay setting the foundation, the iconic tunes these artists create are what ultimately breathe life into a truly great game. Video game composers can complete a game’s…

0 Comments / 923 View / April 5, 2015


Everything About Hiveswap, the Homestuck Kickstarter Game

Video game Kickstarter campaigns have had a lot of success over the last few years, helping to bring the visions of smaller studios to fruition. The runaway success of Tim Schafer and Double Fine Production’s Broken Age and the continued…

0 Comments / 2863 View / March 9, 2015


Playtonic Games Planning Spiritual Successor to Banjo-Kazooie

Save for a few select Nintendo titles, platform games have completely fallen out of favor in today’s gaming landscape. Far from the days of the Nintendo 64, when platformers were at their most popular, major video game developers have dismissed…

2 Comments / 127 View / February 20, 2015