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What's up! My name is Russell but my friends call me Hustle or Hus. I'm a co-founder of Nerd Hero with my best broham Taylor. I currently reside in Anaheim, California as I'm pursuing my dream to be a professional storyteller and inspire and lift others up. I love dance and music and Pokémon. It's a guilty pleasure ok? Gosh. I'm currently really getting into photography and videography and I study Japanese everyday! I literally spend hours just practicing this kanji game I have. It's so addicting! I love anime and everything Japanese I'll be going back again soon! Ok that's me bye.


Japan Know Hows! Pt. 1

Every nerd and their mom wants to go to Japan. Go ahead ask any of them. I dare ya. Whether it’s their obsession with anime or love for the culture there is something for everyone there. Us nerds are called…

0 Comments / 97 View / July 19, 2015


Star Wars: Battlefront

Ever since it’s original debut on the Xbox and PS2, Star Wars Battlefront has been a prime game. The viewer takes the perspective of a soldier and engages in a battle within the Star Wars realm, allowing you to die…

0 Comments / 105 View / April 17, 2015


Last Week in The Nerd Realm Feb. 22 – 28

In case you missed something in the realm of the nerds, we will touch in on what happened last week. Science: Last week scientists discovered a supermassive black hole that is 12 times bigger than our sun. TV Shows: On Youtube to…

0 Comments / 43 View / March 3, 2015


Spider-Gwen: The-Not-As-Dead-As-Everyone-Thought-She-Was Super Heroine

Spider-Man has always been one of my favorite super heroes if not THE favorite of all time. I grew up with him as a kid and always loved the snark he threw at his enemies, just to make them more…

0 Comments / 66 View / February 26, 2015


The Darkest Timeline

You aren’t a true 90’s kid unless you watched Power Rangers growing up. Who couldn’t love teenagers morphing into colorful spandex to fight monsters and save the day? Especially when the MegaZord would come out to play. Everyone knows the…

1 Comment / 90 View / February 25, 2015


Unlocking the Smash in Super Smash Bros 4

Whenever we all play Super Smash Bros. our first goal is to unlock all the characters as fast as we can so we can beat the crap out of each other with our favorites. What I have here is a…

0 Comments / 14 View / February 20, 2015


Completing the Dex for Pokémon X and Y

Completing Your Pokédex Hello! So you’ve decided you want to complete your Pokédex but it’s already Generation VI how will I ever accomplish this? Well that’s what I’m hear to tell you. For the second time I’ve been in the…

0 Comments / 275 View / February 20, 2015


Ditto Hunting For X & Y and ORAS

So you’re getting into breeding and not only need perfect IV Dittos but also all their natures? Well unless you know what your in for it’s going to take quite awhile without an inkling of knowledge on what you’re doing….

0 Comments / 7489 View / February 20, 2015


Battle Maison Singles

After searching out for recommendations to beat Single Battles in the Battle Maison I’ve found one that I’ve been successful with. Kangaskhan @ Kangaskhanite Ability: Scrappy EV’s: 4HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe Nature Adamant (+Atk, – SpA) -…

0 Comments / 91 View / February 20, 2015


Collecting In-Game Items for Pokémon X and Y

So maybe you’ve used your one in-game Metal Coat and need more to complete your Dex or need more Scizors to trade on the GTS? Well fear not we have a great way to farm for items as quickly and…

0 Comments / 229 View / February 20, 2015