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T. L. McNamee

Dork, geek, nerd, I answer to them all. My obsessions are focused mainly around the visual joy that is TV and movies, but I am not limited to such topics. As a not-quite-yet-published author, I also enjoy the written word and storytelling of all forms. I have a double major in Film Studies and Asian Studies, as well as a 200 hour yoga teacher certification. I also enjoy long stints on the couch, romantic introverting, and fellow Nerd Hero: Jenna.


Adventures in the Emerald City

The Emerald City brings to mind a magical world of flying monkeys and ruby slippers, but add Comic Con to the end and you have a whole new view with Stan Lee’s creations, and actors galore.   ECCC, as is it…

0 Comments / 55 View / April 7, 2015


Supernatural VegasCon

Two of your Nerd Hero writers took a five day excursion to Las Vegas to experience a Supernatural convention. It started out with a dozen perfectly sculpted men on stage taking off all their clothes. Actually, that was the Chippendale show…

0 Comments / 235 View / March 18, 2015

indy pratt

Guardians of the Lost Ark?

Speculation has been circling the internet for weeks over the possible casting of Chris Pratt for the revival of the Indiana Jones films. Since Disney’s purchase of the franchise two years ago, they’ve reportedly been keeping Pratt in mind. Thanks…

0 Comments / 40 View / March 10, 2015


Fandom Cosmetics!

Nerd culture has been seeping into mainstream for some time, so is anyone surprised that it leaked into our war paint? That’s right. Nerdy make up. Made by nerds, for nerds. Vulcan high-five! Before I focus on the Seattle based company Espionage…

0 Comments / 5782 View / March 3, 2015


He Lived Long, and Prospered.

Today we mourn the passing of a legend, Leonard Nimoy.   According to an article from The New York Times: “His wife, Susan Bay Nimoy, confirmed his death, saying the cause was end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.” This was suggested to be caused…

0 Comments / 101 View / February 27, 2015


The Woes and Wonders of Katsucon 2015

Be forewarned my voracious reader, I am not a vast anime fan, nor am I a regular cosplayer. I am, however, a dorky nerd, which usually gets me by in any geeky situation.  Katsucon, for those who don’t know, is…

2 Comments / 136 View / February 20, 2015


Agent Carter is Blazing a Path for the Marvel Cinematic Universe

At halfway through the eight-episode first season of Agent Carter I could spend my time reviewing the plot, production value, and even casting, but instead let’s look at Marvel’s first female lead from the cinematic universe.   Originally hailing from Captain…

0 Comments / 104 View / February 20, 2015


How to Stay Fit in a Nerdy Lifestyle

Fit… nerd? Do they really exist? Why yes. Yes they do. The nerdy/geeky lifestyle supposedly doesn’t bode well for fitness. For years there’s been the stigma that nerds have horrible hygiene, various medical conditions, and poor eyesight. Frak off stereotypes-…

0 Comments / 377 View / January 29, 2015


Who is Your Favorite Doctor?

For decades, nerds have been plagued with a seemingly simple question. A question whose answer haunts us late into the night when insomnia has taken hold.   Who is your favorite Doctor? In my experience this causes one of two…

0 Comments / 89 View / January 22, 2015