A Shoe In for the Future

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It’s 2015 do you know what that means? It means Marty McFly is here! Or at least he will be sometime in October. So where are the hoverboards and hover cars? Well apparently not here, but MOTHER F*@&ING POWER LACES ARE, BABY. (Ok I might have lied a little bit about the hoverboards)


Now in the year of 2011 there were only 1,500 of the Nike MAG’s. Not near enough for the demand. The major downside of these shoes was that they may have lit up, but didn’t have power laces. Over the years there have been various people who have attempted to create their own version of Power Laces, or at least lookalikes. For instance you can find sub-$100 replicas with working lights but of course no laces, scrounge for one on The Ebay, or hope and pray to the gods that the Powerlace Kickstarter gets some traction.

This was the vision of the future:


A glimpse at our reality:


Apparently according to Nike, and all of our hopes and dreams, Power Laces are supposed to come out on October 21st, 2015. That’s THIS YEAR. Whether or not this will come true nobody really knows, but we can HOPE (or sell your firstborn child to make sure it happens). Your choice.

In case you can’t wait that long (or don’t have a firstborn child to sacrifice) you can always make your own like this person did. They even give instructions! Now this was their first version and looks bulky and awkward to have on your shoe. However, in their 2.0 Version they were able to conceal the device within the sole of the shoe, and there is a heel sensor that activates the laces tightening thus acting just like Power Laces. Who are these people?! The same people we mentioned above in the Powerlace Kickstarter.

Who is ready to get their hands on these Powerlaces? Next step: TIME TRAVEL

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