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The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Review

Let me first say this, I was very skeptical about playing this game, much less doing a review on it. However, I was thoroughly impressed. This game is fantastic. It’s a very well polished title, and competes with various other…

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Nintendo’s Scalping Problem

With the advent of amiibo, Nintendo’s amount of collectible products has skyrocketed. Everyone wants to collect their favorite characters from Super Smash Brothers 4. The problem lies with the amount of characters. With the roster in Smash 4 being so…

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It Starts With a Little Weirdness.

Every creation in the realm of nerdom started with a single crazy idea. Right? I mean, how many eureka moments started percolating in the average Joe Shmoe’s head while he was brushing his teeth one morning? And I imagine more…

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