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Pushing Children into Traffic

How to Critique Authors and Artists by Jenna Van Vleet Have you ever seen a harsh comment, posted on an online forum, that makes you wince? Maybe it is for a movie, a song, a book, or a piece of…

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How to Stay Fit in a Nerdy Lifestyle

Fit… nerd? Do they really exist? Why yes. Yes they do. The nerdy/geeky lifestyle supposedly doesn’t bode well for fitness. For years there’s been the stigma that nerds have horrible hygiene, various medical conditions, and poor eyesight. Frak off stereotypes-…

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The Dresden Files – A Ghost Story: A Review

BEWARE: SPOILERS BE AHEAD (Though only minor ones to help the review.) At the end of “Changes”, the 12th book in the Dresden File,s Harry Dresden was shot by a sniper and had fallen into the water near the boat…

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Dungeons and Dragons

“The Sky King requests for you to leave your weapons with his guards while in his presence.” “I bring my +4 greatsword anyway.” “If you anger the Sky King, he’ll have his dragon attack you.” “Well then it’s a good…

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