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The Biggest Picture Ever Taken

NASA has recently released an image over a billion pixels of our closest galactic neighbor within its local group, the Andromeda Galaxy. That’s over 4 gigs of data. Now, the part of the Andromeda Galaxy that you see in the video…

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A New Direction in Mobile Phones

Project Ara: A Potential Success or A Pipe Dream? What is Project Ara? Well let me tell you. The idea is to have an Android phone that will allow you to switch out individual parts to either upgrade or remove…

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The Secret Song of Nintendo

Almost everybody who has played a Nintendo system is familiar with the lovable little dinosaur Yoshi. Unless you hate him. Thanks Super Smash Bros. Yoshi’s unmistakable voice is performed by Kazumi Totaka, who is also the voices of Pikmin! Now, Totaka…

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